I will focus on the good

Today was, overall, a good day. There are things I could choose to nitpick, but when I’m looking back over my day, the bad isn’t what stands out. 


Side note: The boys and I have been staying the weekend at my in-laws while they are out of town. It’s nice for me to be with just them, and I’m sure my family must be enjoying some time to themselves as well. 

This morning, my good friend, Emily, came over with her two kiddos for a play date. My in-laws have a really fun back yard with a sweet playground and little play house. The kids love it. So they came over, the kids played, we had a picnic, and Emily and I got to do a lot of chatting. There’s just something about an old friend, ya know? Nothing to hide because over the past 10 years, they’ve seen you at your highest and lowest. No explaining things, it just is. And I love that. I love her. It was a relaxing and refreshing morning. 


The boys went down for a nap and after straightening up, I got about 15 minutes of quiet time to myself before the baby was up and at it again. Babies.. always wanting to be fed. Humpph.. 

By the time Drewski had woken up, I decided we were going to have a fun afternoon. I threw my cautious eating rules out the window and we went out for ice cream. We sat outside and while Skyping with Daddy, we sat outside of the ice cream shop, chatted, and indulged. I didn’t even squirm when his ice cream melted all over himself and the bench. From there we crossed the street and took a ride on this little train that is always set up for the kids. Andrew LOVES it and I love seeing that smile of pure joy on his face. It’s the little things. 


We continued our simple pleasure themed afternoon (aka.. Mama needed to get out of the house, but didn’t want to do something quite as daunting as the zoo) by playing in the grass   and jumping from this little bench into the grass over and over while I prayed he didn’t wet his pants! 

Fun was had by all. And by the time we got home it was time for dinner, getting the baby fed (again!) and to bed, and quiet time with Drew. Now I have the hockey game on for some background noise and another hour before I force myself to go to bed. 

Is it July yet? I’m ready to start using my very pretty Erin Condren planner!


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