On Parenting

Being a parent is the strangest phenomenon. I want to share a little bit about my day. I’m going to sound unappreciative of what I have, but I promise it has a happy ending. It’s just a few honest feelings.

Today didn’t full out suck. I’ve had better days with the kids, but I’ve also had worse. Way worse. It started at 5 am (yes, you read that right), but I can’t complain too too much about that. We had a sleepover with my SIL and her daughters, and her youngest one was in the bed with us at that ungodly hour. But she snuggled with me a lot and I won’t get that chance to do this kind of stuff with her as often as I’d like. So I’m only mentioning for reference sake. 5 am. Follow me? 

I load up all of our stuff from said sleepover, get the boys in the car and head to Sam’s. Yes, I’m normally a Costco snob, but ya get what ya get. I traded in Costco for a Trader Joe’s. I’ll take it any day. Wait. Where was I?

Sam’s. Getting the boys out of the car is an ordeal. I’ve found that the easiest way to shop with both of them is to wear Wes and let Andrew run wild. Just kidding. He has this obsession (to put it mildly) with carts that are cars. Now it can be in the form of an actual race car cart (think Lowe’s) or it can be just a little space for him to sit that’s attached to the front of the cart. He lives for these things right now. Anyways, getting the sling ready, getting Wes in the sling, getting Andrew unbuckled and out (No NO NO I can do it myself… 5 minutes later and I’m gently throwing him out of the van), “where the hell did I leave the keys??”, go back around to Wes’ side to get the keys out of the car seat, “Hold my hand we are in a parking lot”, and so on and so on. 15 minutes later and we’re walking through the doors to Sam’s. Flash my card, only to be told that I can’t shop yet. It was only 9am and I’m just a regular member. I can’t shop until 10. I was assured a few times that she was not, in fact, kidding me and had to usher my screaming toddler out and back to the car. He wanted to ride in a car damnit and now his life was ruined. I do all that above in reverse order, only to drive two minutes to Walmart, do it all over again, and get everything I needed in smaller portions.

Is it nap time yet???

It’s been raining for like a year in South Carolina. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and took Andrew outside to play in the rain. Homeboy is not made to stay cooped up all day.

Can I talk about potty training? Just a little bit? I know I said I’d give you lots and lots of warning before I talked about it, but I lied a little. I’ll try and be very vague while still getting my frustration out.




Still here? Good.

My child WILL NOT… ummm.. hmmmm.. is there a way to put this that won’t gross out my childless or not-yet-potty-training friends? I have to rely on the old phrase, #2. He straight up refuses to go. For days. He’ll do any kind of dance he can conjure up to not let it out. To the point where he’s sweating from pain/exertion? I actually took him to urgent care the other day, (because he wouldn’t have gone to the bathroom for a month if we waited for an actual appointment) and am having to rely on suppositories. Y’all… the only way he will go to the bathroom is if I violate him with that. This can’t be normal and I cannot do that for him for the rest of his life. Think he’ll find a wife that will continue that? Not one I want as a daughter-in-law…


It’s really just heartbreaking. All day, all I hear is, “I hurt”. By day two (today) he will hardly even play or sit on a hard chair. I’ve tried just about everything under the sun, but if you’ve ever been in this unfortunate boat, I’m all ears. Give me any tips ya got!

Naps didn’t align at all today. On the day that started at 5am. ‘Nuf said.

But then I had that moment. That moment in parenthood that makes it all worth it. That erases every struggle you’ve had during the day. It was time to put Wes to bed and Andrew wanted to come with me. I usually don’t let him, but I did today. After telling him not to be yelling about his but hurting (sorry.. told you I’d be honest). I get in the rocker with Wes and Andrew is looking at me like he’s just dying to be a part of this. So I wave him over.

I have little 15(ish) pound Wes on one side of my lap with his head resting on my shoulder while sucking his thumb, and 32 pound Andrew on the other side resting his head as well. They are looking at each other and I’m singing, You Are My Sunshine(s). I usually sing it once then put Wes down, but I just wanted to freeze that moment forever and ever in my memory. So I sang it 4 times. Both of their eyes were closed and all I could hear was their deep breathing.

It was the best moment of the day.

I hope you made it through the bathroom talk to get to that point. There are not two little people on earth that can drive me so crazy, but make my heart swell 10 times as big at the same time. I hope I can always find little moments like these.


3 thoughts on “On Parenting

  1. About the pooping- we haven’t started potty training yet, so I’m really just speculating here, but does he poop into the big toilet or a kid potty? I’m wondering if he’s worried about the splash. LOL I know, I know, that’s so gross, but seriously! It might freak me out too if I was small and inexperienced. 😉 My brother apparently had this same issue when he was little. I’ll ask my mom this weekend while she’s here (oh and my brother will be here too!) and see what they did to get him to poop. GOOD LUCK. I can’t imagine this is an easy stage.

  2. I’m so glad that you were able to cap your day off with that sweet little memory! Makes all the frustrations of the day worth it, no?

    As for #2 issues, we experienced nothing near that traumatic. Did the Urgent Care person not give you any tips? Maybe try reading him “Everyone Poops” by Taro Gomi to give him confidence that it’s o.k. because everyone does it? It’s a really simple read, has pictures of all the different shapes of animal poo and comes highly recommended by his friend, Mr. B. (I read somewhere in my pre-potty-training research that sometimes kids freak out and think that poop is actually a body part and that’s why they have issues.)

    Praying for you, my friend!

  3. It takes much more than that to gross me out 🙂

    Unfortunately, none of my family or friends have run into that problem that I know of, so I have no advice to offer. But I miss you! And your boys!

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