A New, Clean Lifestyle

For probably a little over a year, I’ve been really interested in the whole eating clean fad. I hated the way I was feeling and had been doing a little research.

Disclaimer: I know not all feel as strongly as I do about what goes into the food we eat. Or some people don’t believe it’s as harmful as I do. And that’s okay. I promise I don’t have any sort of holier than thou feelings about what I eat. I’m not clean eating AT YOU. And I double promise that I’m not looking down on you as your licking that delicious ice cream cone or scarfing down those chocolate chip cookies. In fact, at times, I may even be jealous. But I have become passionate about this and I LOVE talking about it. I love discovering new ideas and recipes and it’s just so interesting to me. So if it’s something you’re interested in starting, or you’ve been doing this for years, I’d love to chat about it. If you need advice on where to start or you notice I’m completely off on something.. please.. let me know.

Okay.. now that that’s out of the way, like I said, I started dabbling in all of this about a year or so ago. Nothing serious. I made some taco seasoning (that I loved and still used), ranch seasoning (that I’ve used twice and am still looking for something better), an onion dip mix (that I don’t know why I even made because I never use that stuff anyways), and coffee creamer (that was good, but.. for me.. wasn’t worth the time it took at that point, and now it wouldn’t work for me anyways). That was about the extent of it. I got pregnant and lazy to be honest.

I started thinking more seriously about it during my third trimester with Wes. Doing lots of research. Reading about dyes, High Fructose Corn Syrup, GMO’s (seriously… the whole thing pisses me off), Enriched Wheat, what goes on with cows and other animals we eat, and a lot of other processed stuff that goes into our foods. I was intrigued by the testimonials I heard of how great people felt once they cut out the processed crap and sugars. I took a few months to just read. And read and read and read. Two websites that were/are HUGE helpers and motivators are here and here. And PINTEREST. Pinterest is where I hit jackpot. One day I just went for it and I really haven’t looked back.

I will say, the weight isn’t falling off like I thought it would. But I take responsibility for that. I need to be more consistent at the gym. But I have changed for the better and being healthy is what I’m REALLY going after. I don’t crave the stuff I used to eat. Yes, I have a cheat day every now and then, but I usually don’t enjoy it as much as I think I will. I can turn down freshly baked cookies and cake at parties. I’m not forcing myself to… I really don’t want it. And that is a really big deal, y’all. I’ve had fast food once since the beginning of April and it really wasn’t that great (and we’re talking Chick-fil-a), and probably one soda since then as well. I don’t miss any of it. If I want a bowl of ice cream bad enough (today), I’ll get a small one. But I probably won’t do that again for a while.

I just feel good. I’m more energized (minus the nights my child has me up in the middle of the night because something hurts, he has to pee, or he has a hair in his mouth.. wth?!?) My taste buds are changing. I gradually got myself drinking un-flavored coffee with just a little bit of organic half and half. I don’t eat any white breads or pastas. Even while baking I’m using whole wheat flour and enjoying it. I love making things from scratch, but I have always loved being in the kitchen. Putting a meal together is almost like an art form for me. I love seeing things come together, so seeing it come together from scratch.. even better.

So this is good for us. This isn’t something I’m forcing myself to do. I enjoy it. I feel good knowing what I’m putting in my body and what my (gasp) almost 3-year old is eating. And I’m having fun trying new things. I’m convinced that all the things I was ignorant about not too long ago are causing major health problems in our society. Convinced. So I buy all organic dairy to avoid the added hormones and antibiotics, and do the same with meat whenever I can. I’m very seriously considering having a grass-fed, antibiotic-free cow killed for us when we get to Oklahoma. It’s true. I buy organic fruits and veggies as much as possible. Really just the dirty dozen because of what we can afford. I make sure I can pronounce the ingredients on everything I buy if it’s prepackaged at all. If it’s a wheat product, I make sure it’s 100% whole grain. No dyes or “natural” flavors. No refined sugars.

It works for us. It takes planning and preparation, but it works. This will definitely be how we live our life, not just a temporary diet. There’s no turning back from here. (and yes, husband is on board and very happy about it).

I’m sure I’ll be talking about it more. Maybe share some recipes I’ve discovered. I hope some of you out there are interested. I’d love to learn even more!


One thought on “A New, Clean Lifestyle

  1. Look at you go, girl! I can’t wait to read the links you posted. Have you had quinoa yet? It’s so darn tasty, and it’s replaced rice here (not that we ate much rice before) and sometimes pasta. Or if we’re having pasta, it’s usually quinoa + corn pasta. Small people can’t even tell the difference! Looking forward to reading more about your clean eats. 🙂

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