Settled in Lawton

Hey.. long time no write!

I can’t believe how much has changed in such a short amount of time. Just a month ago we were days away from preparing for Trey’s return. Less than two weeks ago we were still in South Carolina. Since then left the kids with grandparents, got in our cars drove to Oklahoma in two days (including a stop in Alabama to visit with Trey’s grandfather and mom), Found a house in less than 24 hours, picked up Trey’s parents and our boys from the airport (yes, they are saints and flew with our boys so we didn’t have to drive with them. I KNOW), and moved right on in!


Y’all.. things could not be turning out any sweeter. Well.. the kids could be napping.. but I’ll ignore that and let them continue to talk to themselves in their respective rooms. It’s still rest time, right?

But really.. There was almost no adjustment needed with Trey coming home. Sure it took him a minute to be Dad instead of Buddy, but that was to be expected. We all needed that, I think. Andrew is having the time of his life with him. Wes is a Daddy’s boy just as much as Andrew was a Mama’s boy. And well.. I love everything about having him home!

We are actually loving Lawton this time around. I know it has a really bad rap. I get it.. there’s “not much to do”.  Our last time around.. I would have agreed with its reputation. I don’t know what it is. Whether it’s me that’s matured, the fact that we have kids to keep us busy, our beautiful, spacious house instead of the tiny apartment, or the fact that there’s a TARGET now, but I really can’t find anything to complain about. At all.

I have a good feeling about this next chapter of our lives. I feel God’s hands all over it. We’re just settled and happy.. truly happy. I prayed and prayed over the house that we’d be living in and the way we found it, I’d say it was already picked out for us. I’ll be joining PWOC on Wednesday. I’ll just need the kids to adjust there. We’ve gotten to spend some time with friends that were stationed here with us before. I’m so thankful they are here with us again! Next up on the list is finding a church. I hope that will go just as smoothly! (hey God.. if you’re reading.. MAKE THAT BABY GO TO SLEEP. Please.)

So, yeah.. that’s it, really! Just happy happy happy and enjoying life. Well deserved, I’d say!


3 thoughts on “Settled in Lawton

  1. That is a gorgeous house! Enjoy settling in!

  2. This house just screams “Jessica.” I now see why you thought it was perfect!

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