A small, but big Thanksgiving

Good morning! Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it’s the 2nd biggest day of the Thanksgiving holiday – College Football Rivalry Day. Even though I’ve found that I haven’t had much interest in football this year.. if I’m brutally honest with myself the past two years… there’s not much I love more than a good rivalry. The games are usually close and entertaining, there’s trash talk just a flowing everywhere, cops are called, friendships are severed, you know.. the sport of it all. (This lessened interest in football is very disturbing to me. I noticed it last year, but uttered not a word to anyone. This year I just couldn’t even feign interest, so I came out of my shameful one-of-those-girls closet. It has to be really close.. like heart pounded, last-minute-drives-to-win-the-game-close.. for me to become interested. There.. it’s out in the open, but does not apply to today!)

Back to Thanksgiving! It was just the four of us and we were so much looking forward to that. We didn’t plan much. Just hang out together and eat. I couldn’t wait to watch the parade with Andrew. Experience another first for Wes with Trey. Eat a delicious dinner and chat about what we were thankful for. (yess.. we really do a lot of that on Thanksgiving).

It was good. It was calm and cozy and I wouldn’t change a thing.

But we missed our families. Everyone was together and it was loud and fun and there was tons of laughter and fires in kitchens. We were so adamant on spending the holidays with just us this year because we so badly were craving that time together as a family, and all-in-all, I’m glad we’ve done that, but I won’t lie and say that there weren’t parts of the day where I felt a big whole in my heart, missing everyone.

Andrew had almost ZERO interest in the parade. He just wanted to be in the playroom with Trey building Legos. He wouldn’t even come build in the livingroom. The only part they cared about was the Rockettes. Go figure.


Wes was still clingy and cranky and teething. He didn’t take a break from all that just because it was Thanksgiving. So that’s hard. And frustrating at times. And made it a little more difficult for that perfect dinner to be cooked on time (even with my well thought out and detailed timeline).

So it wasn’t quite how I imagined it. It wasn’t a Folgers commercial. But we were together. We didn’t snuggle up and watch the parade, but we played outside with trucks and footballs.



Wes was cranky and cried for the majority of the day. He is going through this super super clingy phase.. my favorite, let me tell you. But I have a really handsome helper here with me to take some of the pressure off. Plus, between cries, he’s really adorable!


And even though dinner was a little late, and Wes was beyond ready for bed and asleep before we sat down to eat, we did have more than enough. And it came out really REALLY well.


Even though Andrew had no interest in the parade, he did finally get really excited about Thanksgiving when we sat down to eat. “Looooook at allllllllllll this food”, he said while giggling. He thought it was great and funny and declared that he LOVED Thanksgiving. Another reminder that I live with all boys, I guess! And while we went around our little table and talked about what we were thankful for, Andrew didn’t miss a beat and said, “I’m thankful for God”.

That’s what it’s all about! We are thankful for our God, our family near and far, and togetherness.



One thought on “A small, but big Thanksgiving

  1. Did you write this before or after the Iron Bowl? Because it’s like you recapped the last seconds perfectly or you jinxed Bama! Either way…. War Eagle 🙂

    Glad y’all had a good Thanksgiving, despite the teething! Our children didn’t eat one bite of turkey and seemed to care less about the food (other than the cracker mix and rolls)…. Maybe next year….

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