So there was this one time, where a big significant life moment happened, and ME.. THE BLOGGER.. I forgot to blog about it.

Hey guys, guess what? My husband is home! He’s home. He’s safe. He was in my arms for about 5 seconds and now we’re separated again. But the important thing is that he’s home. I can call him whenever I want. We no longer depend on getting each others emails whenever the other person wakes up. I no longer have to worry about him. He’s home.

Unfortunately, he had to stay in Texas to do all of that out processing stuff. And I had these two cute kids that I had to come home to and take care of.


We only have a week left. He’ll be here a week from today (I’m counting the minutes!) and he will finally, FINALLY be reunited with Andrew and meet Wesley. Our reunion was magical.. it was everything I hoped for and by far a top 3 moment in my life. But this.. him seeing these boys… it’ll be indescribable. But I’ll talk about that more after it actually happens. On to the goodies…

I got to El Paso way earlier than I needed to. But you know how Army timelines work (they never know what the hell is going on for those of you that have no experience dealing with such things. Times and dates change 546521687 times) and I had paid one nice little fee of $200 to change my flight once already, so once I had that second flight I was kind of stuck in it. Long story short, I flew in on a Friday, he got in late Tuesday night (as in damn near Wednesday) and I left Thursday.

I spend the majority of the day Tuesday in a state that I can best describe as dazed and confused. I wondered aimlessly, thankfully running into a few sweet girls to distract me in the morning, having lunch with a friend, and then spending the afternoon with my wonderful friend who, to my great benefit, just so happens to be an amazing photographer (Jaci) and Ashley.  I basically spent a lot of time pacing, cracking my knuckles, and squealing.

But at last, it was time to go. Of course, it had been pouring for days. Because only at the time that I need beautiful, clear weather will it be flooding in the desert. But I digress. I got all gussied up and we headed out to the field. We sat and sat.. and sat for what I’m sure was a good bit of time, but it really didn’t feel that long. That part is a little hazy. I feel like it flew by. Before I knew it, we were being ushered outside, all with electrified anticipation. We waited a few more minutes, but then I heard the sweetest sound. I couldn’t see the plane because it was so hazy and foggy, but I sure heard that engine. (This only intensified my love for planes and airports btw). Image

Oh the excitement.. I can’t begin to put it into words. The slow, built-up drama of it all. The plane slowly drives up. The band marches out and plays a song before anyone can get off the plane. Then finally they walk off one by one. Imagine what it felt like to be them. To step off of that plane and touch American soil for the first time in 9-10 months. To know that your loved ones are there waiting for you and you can hear them cheering. Ughhh.. I love it.


I saw him walk by, finally, but couldn’t go to him quite yet. They have to go into the arms room to turn in all their weapons. Which takes roughly a year. So that’s torturous. Because we are just waiting again. And waiting and waiting. Okay so a year is a little bit of an exaggeration, but it really was like an hour I think. I don’t know…. I can’t be trusted with time frames.

At last, they came out, stood in formation, got a big Welcome Home and were told that they were released to their families. He had to find me. I couldn’t move, per strict orders of my lovely photographer 🙂 But he did end up finding me


Look at that handsome man! Good Lord I missed that face!



And THAT my friends.. that is the moment I’ve been waiting for for 10 months. And for him… I’d do it over and over again if I had to for the rest of my life. Only for him. Now bring your rear end home and help me with these kids before I end up in the loony bin 🙂


So excited and there is NO HIDING IT

When 100 people told me that deployments fly by, I didn’t believe them. Not a single one of them. But now we’re sitting here and I have only 6 more opportunities to get a class in at the gym before I take off to greet that gorgeous man I get to call my husband off the plane! How?!? My mind cannot even begin to comprehend that we’re are this close to finishing a whole deployment. It’s unreal.

I’m a complete basket case, however. I wish I could say that I was cool, calm, and collected. Not at all. My emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE. I know. Most of you aren’t surprised.

Some of my favorite people have already been reunited with their husbands or are going to be very very soon. Just seeing their pictures… I ugly cry. I’m so incredibly happy for everyone. I can’t yet imagine what that initial feeling is going to be like. When I touch him for the first time since December 1st of last year. But judging by these pictures, seeing their faces, I don’t think there are going to be words to go along with the feelings. I don’t think words exist for that.

We did it. My girlfriends and I got through our first deployment. Some of us moved away, some of us stayed put. We got jobs. We met fitness goals. We had babies. We took on a temporary position of single parenting. We killed our own bugs. We laughed and cried together. We prayed for each other, especially when things were really hard or uncertain. (And there are a few that still have a few more months to wait it out. I’m thinking about y’all and praying for your continued strength. It’ll come. You’re almost done!!)

And my husband? My level of respect and admiration for him has gone up x 100. For the bravery, strength, and commitment he has shown. For the sacrifices he has made for his country. I’m beyond excited to have my hero home again with his family. I can’t wait to see him step off of that plane. To have that first hug and kiss. To experience all of the simple things couples experience again. To hold his hand. To talk to him without having to type it. (I’m so sick of typing). To make him a meal. To see him reunited with Andrew and introduce him to his youngest son. To have a cup of coffee together. To be able to call him anytime I want. To see his handsome smile and hear his goofy laugh that always makes me laugh instantaneously. I just can’t wait to have my best friend back. To always have someone to talk to that gets me. I think I’ll pinch him 50 times to make sure he’s really standing in front of me.

We’re so close. So so close, but time is not quite moving fast enough. August, you can be over now!